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 The Company engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of oil and gas properties in the United States. Our primary focus is on acquiring leases and wells in established oil fields to minimize risk, especially leases that have been poorly operated or shut in and that can be put back into production. In some instances, the Company will joint venture to further minimize risk and to add to its reserve base more quickly.on target to produce over 300 barrels of oil per day in this fiscal year.



The Company has acquired five oil & gas leases on 2,036 acres in Central Texas, including 48 producing and shut-in wells. Approximately 1,100 acres are in defined oil & gas fields. These fields have several proven oil and gas zones. There are many opportunities for in-fill drilling.




To date, the Company has put 28 wells into operation and plans to put 6 more of the existing wells into production by the end of 2010. Total production is estimated at 100 barrels per day by the end of the year; this includes gas in 'equivalent' barrels. The Company also plans to drill at least four new wells by May 2011. This is expected to add 140 barrels per day to production.

The Company is a fully reporting, public company listed on the OTC Bulletin Board.

Here are some projects to look at!

Project #1

Friendly Energy Exploration - Panther Creek Lease

 The Panther Creek Lease totals 115 acres of which approximately 70% is in defined Fry Sand oil field. Of the 13 wells, one is a water supply well, three are water injection wells and nine are Fry Sand wells. The water supply well is 2,885 feet deep. The company expects to re-complete this well as a Marble Falls Limestone well or possibly a Barnett Shale well. The original Fry Sand well was drilled to 2,680 feet; we expect to re-complete as a Marble Falls Limestone well or possibly a Barnett Shale well. It may be feasible to deepen and re-complete some of the other Fry wells in the Caddo Limestone or Marble Falls Limestone. Panther Creek has a 630 barrel tank farm and all infra-structure is completed



 Project #2

Friendly Energy Exploration - Byler Lease

The Byler Lease totals 372 acres of which approximately 57% is in a defined Fry Sand oil field. Of the 17 wells, two are water injection wells, 11 are Fry Sand wells and four are Marble Falls Limestone wells. Of the Fry Sand wells, we expect to rework only five. Of the Marble Falls Limestone wells, we expect to rework only two, because one had a tool dropped down the hole and the other will probably be uneconomic to rework. It may be feasible to drill some of the Fry Sand wells deeper and re-complete in the Caddo or Marble Falls. There are a number of opportunities for in-fill drilling.


 Project #3

Friendly Energy Exploration - Mud Creek Lease

The Mud Creek Lease totals 355 acres of which approximately 56% is in a defined Fry Sand oil field. Eight wells that had been producing were plugged. There are a number of opportunities for in-fill drilling.

Project #4

Friendly Energy Exploration - Hutchins Creek Lease

The Hutchins Creek Lease - After many months of comprehensive study by Rick Hutchins and Teague Operating Company, the Hutchins #1 was drilled in May, 1983 as a Wildcat. After drilling through three zones indicating excellent potential, the Hutchins encountered a hydrocarbon bearing formation at 2,280 feet that had not been encountered in any other well in Brown County. The Hutchins well is credited with being the discovery well for one of the largest productive Mississippian reefs in the state of Texas as well as the discovery well for one of the most productive fields discovered in Brown County in the last half of the century. The Chappel Reef discovery was 319 feet thick and was tested in three areas. The lower half of the reef was perforated first in two areas. Extensive swabbing indicated a potential of 200 Barrels of Oil per Day from the two areas with no water production. The upper one third of the formation was perforated next and resulted in gas production. When tested, the well had a potential of 2.5 million cubic feet per day with pressure of more than 700psi. Teague decided to produce the well as a gas well, and it went on line delivering 600MCF per day with a 12/64 choke. It was still producing around 30MCF per day 12 years later when shut down by the operator at that time who had encountered financial difficulties. The lower oil zones have not been tested since, and there has been no secondary recovery attempted. Also, there were four shallow Gray Sand wells drilled on the lease. There are a number of opportunities for in-fill drilling.

Project #5 
Friendly Energy Exploration - South Thrifty Lease 
The South Thrifty Lease has a history of production. Since the field was opened in the 80's there have been over 180,000 barrels of oil produced and over 4.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas produced from this field. The Hunt A-1 well that was spud in 1988 originally flowed at over 792 barrels per day, with 19 thousand cubic feet of gas per day. There are 24 wells, one water injection well, and four tank batteries on the property. These wells are primarily gas producers







Organic-rich Barnett Shale is the primary source rock for oil and gas that is produced from Paleozoic reservoir rocks in the Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin Province. Areal distribution of hydrocarbons in this mature petroleum province indicates generation and expulsion from the Barnett Shale of the Fort Worth Basin. These Barnett-sourced hydrocarbons migrated westward into the reservoir rocks of the Bend Arch where South Thrifty is located. With the Barnett being the source of hydrocarbon development in the Chappel Reef, a geological and reserve assessment report was done 5 years ago on South Thrifty indicating the Chappel Reef could have a minimum of 2 million and up to 7 million barrels of recoverable oil. 


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